Complete guide of plans and charming villages near Hotel Bodega Torremilanos


Aranda de Duero is located in a strategic area, perfect both to know the Ribera del Duero, and to visit other Castilian towns of great interest that are within walking distance.

So, from our hotel, you can do both wine tourism in the Ribera del Duero and cultural tourism through other typical towns of Castilla. In fact, our location allows to visit towns less than 1 hour in up to 4 different Castilian provinces: Burgos, Valladolid, Soria and Segovia. Below, we present our personalized guide of places to visit near Aranda de Duero, so you can organize your visit.

ARANDA DE DUERO (8 minutes from the hotel)

The capital of the Ribera stands out for its monumental heritage, for its underground cellars and for its excellent cuisine, based on its flagship product, roast suckling lamb.
The church of Santa María, San Juan, El Verdugo Palace, the Shrine of the sixteenth century or the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Vineyards, are some of the monuments that you can see in Aranda de Duero.
As for the world of wine, you have the CIAVIN (Interpretation Center of the Architecture of Wine) and, above all, the underground cellars, one of the greatest attractions to visit in Aranda de Duero. 7 km of tunnels located around the area of ​​the old town, excavated between the XII and XVIII centuries and made for the conservation of wine from the Middle Ages

PEÑAFIEL ( 28 minutes from the hotel)

If Aranda de Duero is the capital of the Ribera del Duero region by importance and number of inhabitants, our neighbor Peñafiel, already in the province of Valladolid, we could consider it the Ribera de Duero wine capital. It is undoubtedly one of the most important sites to visit near Aranda de Duero, not only for its numerous wineries that can be visited, but also for its historical and monumental heritage.

In Peñafiel stands out above all its castle, one of the best preserved in Spain, which also houses the Provincial Museum of Wine.
Strolling through Peñafiel you can also enjoy the Convent of San Pablo, the Convent of Las Claras or its charming Plaza del Coso. In Peñafiel and surroundings you can visit wineries as famous as Protos, Pago de Carraovejas, Legaris or Arzuaga.

PEÑARANDA DE DUERO ( 27 minutes from the hotel)

Also located in the Ribera del Duero, in this town stands out above all its castle, considered a Historic-Artistic Monument. In addition to this, you could see their noble houses and their traditional stone constructions.

Going through its urban center you will find buildings such as the Excolegial Church of Santa Ana, the Palace of Avellaneda or the Botica de los Jimenos. Peñaranda de Duero is part of the “Ruta del Cid”, one of the most charming villages in Burgos and therefore one of the most beautiful places you can visit near Aranda de Duero.


MADERUELO (30 minutes from the hotel)

Belonging to the province of Segovia, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Gorges of the Riaza River, this declared historic town combines perfectly the vestiges of its historical legacy with the natural environment in which it is located.

The Arco de la Villa, the Plaza de San Miguel, the Puerta del Barrio and Casa Torre del Hospital, the Plaza del Baile or Santa María, are some of the monuments and places that you can find in this wonderful medieval town.

SEPÚLVEDA (35 minutes from the hotel)

In the Natural Park of the Gorges del Río Duratón, also in the province of Segovia, this beautiful Historic Site is one of the best places to visit near Aranda de Duero.

Its castle and the walled city, its churches, the natural landscape that surrounds it and its gastronomy are more than enough reasons to visit this beautiful Segovian town.

PEÑALBA DE CASTRO “CLUNIA” (40 minutes from the hotel)

In the town of Peñalba de Castro, you can visit one of the most interesting sites to see near Aranda de Duero, as here is one of the most important cities of ancient Roman Hispania: Clunia.

This town of just 100 inhabitants, came to have more than 30,000. With 2000 years of history behind you, in the Roman City of Clunia you can remember past times visiting the forum, the theater or the Roman baths. In addition, this town is also part of the “Ruta del Cid”. The entrance has a cost of € 5 and can be visited every day except Monday.

SANTO DOMINGO DE SILOS (40 minutes from the hotel)

This town, one of the three that form the triangle of Arlanza, with Lerma and Covarrubias, stands out for hosting one of the jewels of Spanish Romanesque, the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, in which you can still hear the famous Gregorian chants.

Here you can visit the cloister, the church, the pharmacy and the museum of this Benedictine monastery from the end of the 9th century. Next to the town, there is also a natural monument that deserves a visit, the Gorge of the Yecla.

COVARRUBIAS (45 minutes from the hotel)

This town that completes the triangle of Arlanza, whose urban area is declared of Cultural Interest, owes its name to the reddish caves that abound in its urban area and surroundings.

In this beautiful villa you can visit places like the Excolegiata de San Cosme and San Damián, the church of Santo Tomás or the Torreón de Fernán González. The triangle of Arlanza is one of the most outstanding sites to visit near Aranda De Duero and it is a very good option in addition to organize a full day trip for these three locations.

LERMA (28 minutes from the hotel)

The Ducal Villa of Lerma, bathed by the river Arlanza, has been declared an Artistic Historic Site for its Herrerian architecture from the beginning of the 17th century. In Lerma stands out its main square with the Ducal Palace, now the National Parador, the collegiate church of San Pedro or the Santa Clara Square.

Lerma also has underground wineries, in fact, this whole area has its own Arlanza Denomination of Origin wine, so that is also a wine region.

BURGO DE OSMA (45 minutes from the hotel)

This town belonging to Soria, noted for its cathedral, National Historic Monument. The Burgo de Osma as a town is also a historical and artistic complex.

The Episcopal Palace, The Wall and Puerta de San Miguel, the University of Santa Catalina, the Convent of Carmen or the ruins of the Castle of Osma are just some of the monuments that you can visit in one of the referring towns of the province of Soria.

GORMAZ ( 54 minutes from the hotel)

The town of Gormaz is an excellent place to visit near Aranda de Duero in conjunction with the Burgo de Osma, as they are both in the province of Soria, 25 minutes between them. In this town full of history, stands out above all its castle, the longest in Europe.

In addition, the natural environment that surrounds it perfectly defines what are the fields of Castile. The other outstanding monument in this locality bathed by the Douro River, is the Hermitage of San Miguel.